The “Wooly Weeders” Workers :-)

The “Wooly Weeders” Workers… the best way to mow the vineyards in a eco-friendly way.  @ Cline Cellas in Sonoma…check the wooly weeders soon before they move to another location. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The “Wooly Weeders” Workers :-)

  1. I very much enjoyed your selection of interesting places to visit. I can’t really say how many times I’ve passed by that place in lower Sonoma Valley with the oversize chair and the wacky fence. I will stop in now and check it out thanks to your very nicely crafted photos. – Mike

  2. Are those the special small sheep that are bred to eat the weeds in the vineyards? What is that growing on the left in the photo? Maybe hops? I love the idea of the mutual benefit of using sheep and goats as weeders. Pat

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